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Vince Pellegrino
Vincent pallengrino
Pellengrino, he'll get the job done that needs to be done
Vital statistics
Rank Corporeal
Gender Male
Race Terran
Faction Exofleet
Position Fire Team commander
E-frames UltraLight FireBoss #JR-100
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Corporal Vince Pelligrino comes from a long line of solders. If they were still alive, he'd drive them all crazy.

Voiced by David Kaye

Vinnie Pellegrino is FireBoss, lead rifleman for JumpTroop's elite Charlie-Five Squadron. As FireBoss, he commands an advance squad of eight riflemen, usually the first into primary ground battle. Pellegrino's a pyro Neo-scorching expert who leads charges wielding his weapon of choice: the ExoPressure-powered Flamethrower. Though his grandfather founded the JumpTroop unit, Vinnie's gots a style all his own. He is flashy, brash, hyper, and he's got an arsenal of ExoFirepower to back him. Pellegrino's virtually invincible in his FireBoss Utlra Light E-Frame and elusive Martian Desert Cammo. His favorite target: Noesapien Installations on Mars.

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