Blitzkrieg and Resist
Volume 3: Blitzkrieg and Resist
Video Information
Media Video Home System VHS
Average Retail price 19.99
Running Time 46 minutes

Released in 1993, Blitzkrieg and Resist was the third volume in the ExoSquad series. The cassette was sold in the cheaper packaging of a simple printed cardboard sleeve. The Following information was printed on the back of the sleeve:

Box image scan
The year is 2119. on the "home worlds" of Earth, Venus and mars, Genetically engineered super-beings called Neosapians have revolted, enslaving thier human creators. Now, only the daring resistance fighters of EXOSQUAD and their awsome, robotic arsenal can save the solar system from the Neosapien reign of terror!

Attackign the Neosapien forces dominating the Earth, the EXOSQUAD is seriously outgunned-and J.T. finds himself under arrest for mutiny! On Earth, an underground resistance group has formed, but they resent the EXOSQUAD'S failure to defeat the Neosapiens in battle. Finally calling an uneasy truce, the EXOSQUAD and resistance fighters team up to make a brazen assault on the forces of the fearsome Neosapien ruler, Phaeton!

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