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Unidentified ExoCarrier
Unidentified ExoCarrier A
An unidentified ExoCarrier near Enceladus
Vital statistics
Fleet Position Capital ship
Ship Class ExoCarrier
Faction ExoFleet
Known Captains None

This ExoCarrier fought against the Pirate Clans in the Asteroid belt and at Enceladus and against the Neosapiens during Captain Matthew Marcus's ill-advised strike against Earth near the start of the Second Neosapien War in 2119. It was with the ExoFleet at Io a year later.

Resolute and Coronados

In formation with the Resolute and Coronado

This ExoCarrier appears to share the design of the Coronado. This ship may have been among the fleet elements that assembled at Venus before rendezvousing with the rest of the ExoFleet. Alternatively, it may have joined the ships assembling at Earth. Each of those groups includes a ship that appears to be of the Coronado design.

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