New warriors, genetic mixes of Neo sapiens and different predator species

Scorpion Breed

The Scorpion Breed of Neo Warrior were considered to be the ultimate shock trooper. Created to be shock troops, the scorpion breed of Neo-warriors are a fierce opponent even for E-frame pilots. Standing approximately 8 feet tall, the yellow underbelly and armored green back side of a Neo-warrior Scorpion breed can be a very intimidating sight. Even if the size wasn’t intimidating, the Scorpion breed’s other abilities are.

Scorpion breed warriors possess the claws of a scorpion and these claw, or pincers are armored. They are armored well enough to be used in a shielding fashion against E-frame weaponry. Running more then the length of the body, is the Scorpion tail. The tail attaches at the base of the warriors back and be used to attack opponents in either the front or the back of the warrior. Scorpion breed warriors have very limited intelligence, operating more on an instinctive level then on any sort of logical level. In groups they will swarm an enemy until it is no more. Individually, a scorpion breed warrior will attempt to use it’s claws and tails to destroy it’s nearest opponent.

Not appearing any different from first generation Scorpion warriors, the second generation of Scorpion warriors were introduced shortly after the debut of the Neo-warriors in Australia. The major difference worth noting is that the second generation Scorpion warriors have the ability to produce an energy beam from their tails and use it as if it were a blaster. Whether this is some quantum leap in genetics, or a bio-mechanical adaptation is unclear.

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