Rhinoceros Breed

A Rhino breed Neo Warrior

Massive and ill tempered, the Rhino breed of Neo-warrior were created for the purpose of their immense strength. Standing approximately ten feet tall when full erect, Rhino breed warriors typically haunch over so they appear to be more of the lines of 7 to 8 feet tall.

Their bodies are massively enlarged versions of a normal Neosapians, with large groupings of muscles. Their head are that of a Rhinoceros, and they use it in a similar fashion. That is to ram and bat enemies aside. Their immense physique means that they are capable of ramming larger and more heavily armed targets then a normal human. These larger targets include all manner of vehicle, including E-frames, and even armored bulkheads.

When first encountered in Australia, the Rhino breed warriors were used for the purpose of door busting, or in a few cases wall busting. The armored walls of the Parliament house proved to be little deterrent to the Rhino breed warrior massive strength.

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