Feline Breed

The Feline breed of Neo Warrior were superb trackers like their Falcon breed brethren, the Feline Breed of Neo-warrior was a third generation incarnation, with the ability to coordinate efforts between different groups for maximum efficiency. Developed for their superior tracking abilities, Feline Breeds were first deployed in New York for the purpose of capturing Marsh.

Feline Breeds are characterized by a streamlined Neosapian type body that is capable of running on both two legs and four legs. Their heads are similar to a cat or panther being streamlined and feline appearing. With the feline sense of smell, Feline breed are adept trackers, while being faster then any human on foot. Feline breed warriors also exhibit the peculiar ability to launch their claws at their target with tremendous velocity, as evidenced by the ability to impale solid concrete when shot.

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