A Falcon Breed Neo Warrior

Falcon BreedEdit

A third generation predator/Neosapian cross breed, the Neo-warrior Falcon breed was among the deadliest creatures on earth until the introduction of the Neo Lords. Standing approximately as tall as a Neosapian, Neo-warrior Falcon breed warriors are easily distinguished by the large, red avian style wings on their back and talon clawed feet. In terms of facial structure, Neo-warrior Falcon breed warriors are identical to normal Neosapians with one exception. From behind the ear lobes, extending back and around the head is a feathered crest.

Falcon warriors are extremely dangerous fighters, able to attack nearly any target at will. Their strength is such that they are fully capable of going toe to toe with a general purpose E-frame and winning. Falcon breed warriors are also among the most intelligent of the Neo-warriors, able to communicate in both English and the feral screams of the warriors. These falcon breed warriors, more then any other single breed, were the immediate predecessors to the terrifying Neo-lords.

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