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Resembling a Neofighter Y-wing with legs attached, Neo-walkers first appear in the episode Scorched Venus attacking Rita Torres, Wolf Bronski, Kaz Takagi and Maggie Weston while they are searching for Nara Burns. These are painted light teal, while the two derelict Neo Walkers discovered by JT Marsh and Alec DeLeon in the same episode are painted orange and gray. In subsequent episodes, these e-frames are painted in the standard Neo Sapien signature colour of light purple.

Neo Walkers appear to be mostly used by Neo planet side garrison forces on Earth, Mars and Venus and are almost never encountered in space battles.

Terran Built E-frames
AA-500 Falcon | BD-100 Ground Assault E-frame | TB-024 Recon | SLR-345 Wraith | RA-678 | CR-001 Exo-fighter |
LD-029 Field Sergent | PO-024 Field Repair E-frame | JFG-892 Pirate Captain | AM-1194 Fire Warrior E-frame |
JOF-731 Samurai E-frame | WP-7943 Exowalker | DW-240 Enforcer
Neosapien Built E-frames
MM-120 Interrogator | JE-5038 Subsonic | Mobile Command | AA-569 Amphibious Assault | EL-909 Y-wing |
RA-643 Supersonic High Speed Stealth Attack | AL-002 Troop Transport | Neo-walker

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