Why the larger E-frames were called "light attack" is still a mystery. Regardless of the rational behind the word usage, the release of Shiva with his Amphibious Attack E-frame and Marsala with his High Speed Attack E-frame signaled the onset of the second wave of ExoSquad toys. Maggie Weston with her Field Repair E-frame and Livanus with his Troop Transport E-frame came later under the advertised series 'ExoSquad Reinforcements'.

This series brought with a couple new gimmicks, each was used in different ways depending on the individual toy. The biggest gimmick that served as a selling point for these toys was the addition of an electronic sound pack. Each of these toys had a electronic function that would produce 2 sounds, typically a gun firing and a missile firing.

Thumb-toy-marsala-01 Thumb-toy-weston

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