Jinx Madison
Jinx Madison, always at the ready
Vital statistics
Rank Demolition Expert
Gender Male
Race Terran
Faction Earth Resistance
Position Fighter
E-frames AM-1194 Fire Warrior E-frame
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From File card on toy boxEdit

Prior to the Neo invasion of Earth, Jinx Madison was a street wise youth known for his guts and flare for pyrotechnics. After the Neo takeover, Jinx took refuge in a dilapidated firehouse, where he honed his fire mechanics skills and customized an abandoned firefighting vehicle into a fierce Fire Warrior E-Frame. An urban vigilante turned terran rebel, Jinx Madison joined the Earthbound Resistance and now fights to liberate Earth from the tyrannical Pheaton. With his knowledge of pyrotechnics and heavy Weaponry, Jinx commands the Earthbound Resistance's arsenal of stolen Neo E-Frames and makeshift artilery. Together, Jinx Madison and his Fire Warrior E-Frame are one brutal Neo-torching machine - perfect for turning up the heat on Pheaton.

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