The most powerful weapon in the solar system!

A massively powerful weapon that rivals the GRAF Shield in terms of sheer power. The Fusion Pulse cannon was built at the order of Phaeton to destroy the Pirate Clans before they could link up with the ExoFleet and then destroy the ExoFleet itself.

Built across the greater length of the moon Sinope, the cannon had a radically limited range of targeting. Its construction had been specifically planned so that the cannon would be aimed at Io as the moons passed by one another.

Essentially one giant fusion reactor with a mile long focusing plane, the Fusion pulse cannon had a range measured in terms of miles, and its blasts were enough to outright destroy a capital ship with a single shot.

Amazingly, the weapon was even used against E-frames to a very limited extent.

The Fusion pulse cannon, along with the moon of Sinope, was destroyed when the Pirate Hallas blasted into the base complex and detonated his Fusion Pack in the reactor of the massive cannon.

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