Flight Six: Fox Squad was one of several e-frame formations in the Exofleet. During their only appearance in Exosquad, they were commanded by Yuri Stavrogan.

History Edit

Acting on an Earth resistance intelligence tip off, Fox Squad and a company of Jump Troops were assigned to destroy the Neo Warrior breeding facility in Antarctica during the episode ‘Trial by Combat’. Their e-frames encountered no opposition as they and the jump troops stormed the facility which turned out to be empty.

The jump troop commander and Stavrogan agreed that they should leave immediately, but the commander was set upon large Neo Warrior crabs. Fox Squad attempted to save the jump troops who would not stand a chance against the growing number of Neo Warriors who were nearly impervious to their infantry weapons.

Following the destruction of the Exofleet evacuation shuttle by a Neo bat with a mine, Fox Squad and the jump troops fought desperately for their lives in the blizzard until they were massacred by the beasts. At least two of Fox Squad’s e-frames were blown up by mines.

Fox Squad leader Stavrogan was the sole survivor of Fox Squad. After his recovery from his injuries, he avenged their deaths by assisting Able Squad in demolishing the facility.

Analysis Edit

Fox Squad’s sole appearance was in the beginning of Trial by Combat. It is not mentioned if they were reconstituted with new members after their near total loss in Antarctica. When Stavrogan reappeared for the Fall of the Neo Sapien Empire arc, he was operating alongside Able Squad by himself.


Aside from Stavrogan's unnamed e-frame, Fox Squad's known order of battle were:

Field Sergeant E-frame (dark earth)

Field Communications E-frame (gray)

Rapid Assault E-frame (purple)

Police Enforcer E-frame (olive)

Ground Assault E-frame (purple)

Aerial Attack E-frame (dark green)

The Field Comms and Rapid Assault E-frame are not seen after the opening shot of the episode Trial by Combat, but it can be assumed that they were destroyed off-screen since Stavrogan was listed as the sole survivor of his exosquad's destruction. Fox Squad was also the only other squad portrayed with the same kind of e-frame as JT Marsh in a different colour.

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