Exopacks (an unofficial name not mentioned in the series) are backpacks worn by various members of the Exofleet and Terran Resistance. They are mounted on the wearer’s back without any visible retaining straps.

While the cyberjack socket on the back of an e-frame driver’s neck consist of three slots, the left and right slots are normally connected to the Exopack by cables while the middle slot is reserved for interfacing his vehicle.

These equipment items serve a variety of functions:

Portable power packs for powering personal weapons and power tools – JT Marsh’s folding blaster and Rita Torres’s right wrist blaster were powered by their Exopacks rather than by cells mounted within the weapons themselves. Maggie Weston’s Exopack was used to provide energy to her wrist mounted welding torch.

Short range communications – Alec DeLeon and Sean Napier’s Exopacks possessed spike aerials, which possible served the same function as a real life infantry RTO (Radio Telephone Operator)’s equipment.

Life Support and survival gear – Although never explicitly portrayed, Exopacks may have contained the necessary tools for surviving in hostile conditions in the event of being shot down in enemy territory.

It is possible that because Exopacks were cyberjacked to their wearer, they enabled attached weapons and tools to be activated and fired by the user simply thinking about the required action.


The term ‘exopack’ is never mentioned in the series; it is a coined term that is consistent with other terms used by the Exofleet, such as Exotrooper, Exoscout, Exoframe, Exotech, Exofighter (or Exowing) and Exowalker.

The probable function and nature of this item was the result of discussions held on the Facebook group Bring Back Exosquad!!, which included series executive producer Will Meugniot.

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