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Introduced as the final expansion to the ExoSquad toy series, the CyberView series brought a new gimmick to the toys. With the attached periscope you could look through you would see a the point of view of the speccified targeting system each e-frame utalized. Beyond the addition of the Periscope each E-frame was fundimentally the same as it's original release. This series is generally considered the hardest to find due to it's limit release and it's limited production run. According to Playmates the ExoSquad series was canceled before the CyberView series was released, while there have been images of the completed toys appearing from time to time. Weather these images are of production run figures, or of completed prototypes is unclear.

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J.T. Marsh with CyberView Night Vision E-frameThumb-toy-marsh-05
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Phaeton with CyberView Sub-Terra Tracking E-frameThumb-toy-phaeton-03
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Sean Napier with CyberView Infrared Scan Track E-frameThumb-toy-napier-02
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TJ.T. Marsh w/ CyberView Night Vision E-frame Phaeton w/ CyberView Sub-Terra Tracking E-frame Wolf Bronksi w/ Roving Recon Radar E-Frame Sean Napier w/ CyberView Infrared Scan Track E-frame

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