The strange alien structure under the Martian surface proves impervious to weapons fire and a large explosion creates only a crack which quickly heals itself.

As the Neos arrive in force to claim their prize, JT uses his Solar Flare weapon to breach the door and Able and Baker Squad retreat inside before it heals again.

Algernon and Captain Butler arrive in orbit with jump troops to investigate the alien structure as well, and witness a incredibly large coiling helix emerging from the Martian soil.

Typhonus invades the artefact with his e frames and attacks Able and Baker Squad, but is quickly turned back by the structure's strange automated defences which disintegrate matter on contact.Marsh and company continue deeper into the structure.

Algernon and the jumptroops arrive to a very warm Neo Sapien welcome, and are only saved when the two Exosquads use a fusion pack detonation to break out of the artefact and provide cover.

The spiralling tower sends out a pulse which instantly spreads out across the solar system .

Algernon theorizes that it is an advanced alien radio transmitter

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