In the Andes Mountains Able squad is rounding up Neosapiens who have yet to surrender.

We see neosapiens all over Earth turning themselves in and the release of neo puppet Amanda Conners.

Kaz Takagi is sent to officer training under the tender mercies of captain butler,while the rest of the squad raise a glass to Alec Deleon.

Later still in South America the remnants of Able Squad are Ambushed by ketzer's Mutants and Nara is kidnapped .Ketzer refers to her as a unfinished experiment but before he can carry her off Marsala decloaks and rescues her.

Nara returns to her families farm on venus, Marsla refuses to spend more time with her as he believes they have separate destinies .Her to marry raise a family and rebuild Venus and him to Help with the precarious future of neosapiens.As he Leaves Nara experiences another strange burst of energy that causes an infant tree to grow rapidly in seconds.

Marsla addresses the Homeworlds congress,despite a great deal of anger and bitterness about recent neo behaviour he pleads eloquently to allow one more neo brood to be grown with the ability to procreate .

Maggie is introduced to anew Alec Deleon,A Clone Created by Galba and given all his memories due to his his advanced E frame BlackBox which recorded all his memories ,prior to his death.

Napier informs a neo internment camp of the plan and is almost assassinated but is saved by shiva .Shiva wished napier luck with his proposal but refuses to shake his hand (In a mirror of the first season where napier saves phaeton from an assassin but refuses to shake his hand due to his prejudice).

Marsh land on Former Admiral Winfield's Horse Ranch telling him he is retiring from the Exo Fleet.Winfield tells marsh he's the best soldier he ever served with and asks him to perform one last mission.Help the pirates dismantle their base on Chaos.

JT sets of on his mission aboard his old friends Halas' ship and meets LT Colleen O Reilly they talk about the future but misunderstand each other and JT leaves her gazing at the stars.

Algernon uses his graf technology to instantly rebuild Mars ,whilst explaining in poetical manner the nature of gravity itself.

Meanwhile on Chaos Pirates and Exo Fleet personnel are busy packing up the base when a unidentified object streaks towards chaos.Marsh attempts to intercept the flaming object but his frame is crippled.The object explodes and Planet chaos disappears with Commander Marsh looking on horrified.

4 Strange alien space craft drift by Heading to mars.

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