Vital statistics
Rank Commander
Gender Male
Race Terran
Faction Pirate Clans
Position Commander

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A cunning and deceitful pirate. Barca personally despises the Exo-fleet and hates working with them, he considers Simbacca a fool for allying with them and actively fights the alliance at every turn.

Shortly before the arrival of Marsh and DeLeon to Tethys, Barca began working for Phaeton to disrupt the alliance between the Pirate Clans and Exo-fleet. He tried on several occasions to get Hallas to act against Simbacca, succeeding on one occasion, but always avoiding taking direct action against Simbaca.

When Typhonus arranged for Barca to "capture" a NeoSapien ship, he enlisted the aide of other Pirates who felt the same as he did about the alliance. Taking Able Squad prisoner, and enlisting Hallas in his crew of mutineers, the plan to kill Simbacca and Winfield seemed set to go. However, Hallas never truly joined Barca and managed to spring Able Squad and escape from the Pirate warship Cobra before it exploded killing Barca and most of the renegade pirates.

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