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AA-500 Falcon E-frame
Falcon E-frame in Standard ExoFleet Configuration
Height 2.7m (8' 10")
Width 1.4m (4' 7")
Wingspan 3.2m (10' 6")
Profile 1.1m (3' 7")
Standard Armaments
Armaments Wing Powered Turbo Torpedoes x2

Medium Warhead Wingtip Missiles x2
Light Incendiary Missiles x6
Light Blaster x1
Pulse Laser x1
Mini-Rocket x1
Gatling Gun
Small Warhead Mini-Rockets x2
Single Missile Launcher x2

Known Pilots
Pilots J.T. Marsh

Eve Hanley

Chicago Resistance modified AA-500
"Falcon" Aerial Attack E-frame is a versatile design with considerations made toward combat both in an atmosphere of a planet and in the vacuum of space. In terms of sheer performance, its aerial abilities are arguably second only to the CR-001 Exo-fighter, but winning out in terms of ease of operation. The Falcon sports an impressive arsenal on its compact frame. Built into each of the main turbines is a turbo torpedo launcher while each wing mounts one medium warhead and three incendiary charges on the underside. The right arm mounts a pulse laser while the left arm carries a gatling cannon and a pair of micro-rockets. The nearly unrivaled armament of the Falcon has made it a favorite among command level officers and squad leaders. Part way through the war, Professor Algernon developed a weapon system for the Falcon that he called the Solar Flare. A mass energy emitting weapon that can be used in a directed burst to the front of the E-frame or in an omni-directional pulse around the E-frame. While a devastating weapon, the Solar Flare is of extremely limited use in squad to squad engagements due to the risk of friendly casualties.

Propulsion/ ManeuveringEdit

Primary Thrust: Dual Turbine Thrusters (above canopy)
Primary Lift: Mag-Lev Anti-Gravity VTO Leg Jets
Atmospheric Maneuvering: Dual Air/Ground Wings when in flight position
Vacuum Maneuvering: Two secondary thrusters on each wing


Front: 3cm Clearvision and Composite Protective Shielding (primary concern is pilot visibility, only capable of deflecting light/medium blaster fire and light impacts) with sections of 5cm Plasteel Armor
Back: 8cm Plasteel Armor exterior, 4cm Plasteel Armor interior (electronics and power distribution housed in between)
Arms: 4cm Plasteel Armor housing; additional 6cm Plasteel Armor at sides when Dual Air/Ground Wings are in ground position


Solar Pulse: A devastating energy weapon that emites a wide area anergy pulse powerful enough to vaporise enemy E-frames. It is severely draining on the E-frame Fusion pack and the pilot must be conservative with it's use, both due to energy consumption and do to the possibility of friendly casulties.


While it is known that the Earth Resistance acquired the same Falcon that Marsh piloted, it is later shown using a Falcon equiped with a 2 barreled projector on it's right arm compared to a tri-barreled varient used by Exo-fleet. It has been suggested that this particular E-frame is in fact a different E-frame then the one given to the resistance by Able squad and that the two barreled blaster is a different version of the tri-barreled blaster.

It has also been suggested that this is in fact the same E-frame, and the difference in appeareance is merely a modification of the original weapon, comparable to shorting the length of a shot gun by sawing off the last 6" of the barrel.


One of the few ExoFleet E-Frames designed with atmospheric considerations, the Aerial Attack exoframe is the superior in terms of speed and maneuverability when compared to any other ExoFleet frame. It carries a variety of weapons, so that the Aerial Attack E-Frame is capable of offensive operations of any type (ground, atmospheric, or interplanetary). This is the E-Frame of choice for many squad commanders.

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